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Sinusitis :

It is an inflammation of one or more of the sinuses that open on the nose, and these cavities called sinuses (paranasal sinuses) consist of four pairs of sinuses, with four pockets on each side of the head, and inflammation occurs as a result of infection of the sinus membranes.

-This infection often occurs from a cold when the infection of the nose extends to the sinuses.

- severely blowing the nose helps, and sinusitis occurs as a result of dental infection, allergies, or one of the infectious diseases (such as pneumonia or measles), heat and congenital defects in the installation of the nose.

-When the sinus membranes become inflamed and swollen (they become a kind of mold), the minute openings that lead to the nasal passages are spoiled, and the obstruction may be completely or partially, and one or two of the sinus openings may be affected first.
The mucus, which is collected inside the closed sinus, presses against its walls, and this may cause tightness, fever, pain, and difficulty in breathing.


- Headache.
-mucous secretion from the nose.
-a slight rise in temperature.
-Diversity, and a general feeling of weakness and fatigue.

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