Leukemia or blood cancer

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Leukemia or leukemia • Diagnosis: Leukemia is usually discovered during a routine blood test, and immediate treatment can be started at that time. In the event of suspicion of infection, the following tests must be performed: - A bone biopsy is taken directly. - Examination of the formation of blood cells. Immunophenotypic assay. General physical examinations. • Treatment of the disease: The complexity of leukemia treatment stems from the fact that it is not the same with other types of cancer, as the removal of the affected part is used. The patient's age, health status, and the type of cancer with which he or she suffers play major roles in the degree of complexity. The treatment methods are summarized as follows: 1- Chemotherapy. 2-Treatment by giving the patient a kinase inhibitor. 3- Radiation therapy. The use of bone marrow cell transplantation. The treatment of stem cell transplantation.

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