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Insomnia or lack of sleep:

If I want to define insomnia, then it means the inability to fall asleep easily and comfortably, or the inability to sleep through the night, and most people suffer from insomnia sometimes on a casual night, but the incidence of intractable insomnia is high, and it is not low.
The causes of insomnia are many, and they are almost equal to the number of those who share it, that is, they are equal in number with them. Some believe that they sleep because they need more sleep.
Insomnia increases in the elderly, who only need 8-6 hours of total sleep during the twenty-four-hour period.
The causes of insomnia are psychological or physical, or both, and it is the most common, and some people are more sensitive than others to the circumstances surrounding them, so they sleep from insomnia.
1- The low sound
2- The faint little sleep
3- Participation in the bed
4-Just as some people sleep from drinks that contain (caffeine) such as coffee, tea, and cola when others are not affected by their consumption.
5-A fatty meal may be a reason for sleep to escape from the eyelids
6- Drinking a large amount of fluid also causes a feeling of malaise due to the bladder being filled with urine.

2021-08-30 / Medical
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