Dangerous nose diseases that require early examination

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Serious nasal symptoms are the signs and indications that require prompt medical intervention, and they are the signs that indicate
The possibility of a problem or disease that requires medical intervention, namely:

1. Having difficulty breathing for long periods of time, especially on one side.
2. Bleeding from one side of the nose
3. The presence of other symptoms limited to one side, especially with the elderly.

The nose must be examined urgently for fear of tumors, as early detection and appropriate treatment أن
In the early stages, it results in a very high cure rate.

Nose cancer:

Nose and sinus cancer, like other types of cancer, has no clear cause.
But there are some factors that affect it, the most important of which are smoking and some chemicals resulting from air pollution.

Symptoms of nose and sinus cancer:

1- Difficulty breathing through the nose and weak sense of smell.
2- Bloody mucous secretions from the mouth and nose.
3- A severe headache that does not respond to analgesics.
4- Weakness of vision and exophthalmos in advanced cases.

Diagnosis of nose and sinus cancer

By examining the patient through the optical endoscope and doing CT scans and magnetic resonance in some cases.
And the final diagnosis is after analyzing his sample (biopsy) from a suspected tumor.

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