The Fall Semester of 2021 will feature blended learning

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A mixed learner system to limit the spread of coronavirus will start the fall 2021 semester at Qatar University (QU) (Covid-19).

In view of the present health situation and the plan of the State to lift the Covid-19 limitation measures, QU determined, after discussing the competent authorities, to comply with the following directions on the teaching method during fall of 2021. These instructions stay valid until notification is given.

The teaching is mainly online except for students who have participated in certain particular courses. Faculty members who offer these courses will directly contact their students to inform them of the on-campus instruction.

These courses include: graduate courses (diplomas, master's and doctoral degrees) and hands-on experiments in laboratories that need students to attend physically.

In addition, departments offering these laboratories will supervise education processes in the light of announced University safety measures, graduation projects and research projects as well as special courses requiring on-campus students to attend, upon the College Dean's agreement.

Academic departments shall oversee the implementation of all safety measures, including courses of internship, fieldwork, preceptor and clinical practice, announced by the university.

In accordance with the training bodies and safety measures announced by the appropriate authorities, the colleges shall establish a mechanism for delivering other course(ies) that the university considers appropriate from campus, as well as courses for specific groups of students (such as students in specific programs, universities or levels) to be offered within the coming weeks.

2021-09-14 / Colleges-Universities
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