Jordanian private teacher to establish in the summer and strengthen reading and writing

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27 USD / Per Hour

Education - Training and Library

I am a private Jordanian teacher to establish in the summer and to strengthen reading, writing and poor spelling

residing in Saudi Arabia

Excellent teaching experience of up to 10 years within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I worked as a teacher for different levels in more than one private school in Tabuk

I work as a professional teacher and provide the following services:

1- Follow-up and establishment of Mathematics, English, Science for the primary and intermediate stages

2- Make a full and comprehensive review of the curriculum and help the student to improve his level in the event that the student is not established from kindergarten and first primary

3- Starting the student’s foundation course from the beginning to writing and reading fluently and spelling and establishing it in mathematics

4- Intensive lessons in mathematics and English for grades one to six primary and the foundation of English from the beginning until speaking fluently

A skilled teacher within my field, at a cost of 100 riyals per hour, negotiable

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