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Narayan jha

I am looking For Job: Electronics Communication Engineer/Site Engineer/Security System Engineer/CCTV Engineer/ELV Engineer.

I am an electronics & communication engineer and have 3.5 years of experience.1 year in the Telecommunication field, India Delhi & 3 years in Qatar as CCTV Engineer Commercial, Residential buildings & mall MOI Projects. Good knowledge in Autocad all types of drawings (MEP, RCP, shop wall combination, ceiling, etc)


  • Installation responsibility Dome Camera, PTZ Camera, Bullet camera, Pole Mount Camera, ceiling Mount camera,  Wall Mount camera, Bafeel ceiling mount camera, Bulkhead mount camera, Cladding Mount Camera, Lift Camera.
  • Camera Configuration, NVR configuration, Focusing, Labeling, Termination, Link Tasting, Cable Testing, Terminations.
  • Optical Fiber Splicing.
  • All camera IDF wise labeling 
    • MOI Inspection responsibility.
    • Requirements evaluation.
    • Monitoring and handling of all passive & Active networks.
    • Terminations of cables.
    • Optical fiber link tasting(single mode & multimode).
    • Graphics card installation.
    • Android device installation.
    • Rack & cabinet installation.
    • IP CCTV installation and web configuration as per MOI rules.
    • POE Network Switch, UPS  & Battery installation.
    • The configuration of Network Video Recorder (NVR) such as Panasonic, Hikvision, Dahuwa, CP Plus, and Spane, i3.
    • Camera Configuration all categories as par MOI.

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