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 PROPERTY HUNTER shifted this service level much higher than the broker concept. it is a comprehensive professional advice of all your requirements, needs and knowledge about everything you need to know or you shall be aware about when it comes to correct decision about your future plans in Real Estate Sector.


If you are a buyer or a property owner, if you are looking for high quality environment and location for a place to live with your family, to benefit from the residence permit advantage, or if you are looking for a professional advice for your investment, our professional team is always available to provide you with passion, solid knowledge and experience support by the pioneer and market leading position of PROPERTY HUNTER in the luxury real estate market in Qatar.

For Buyers and Sellers
Why should I use a professional real estate service?
As a seller evaluation of your property is key to closure and achieving a success full sale. Your advisor will ensure you are pricing is realistic, competitive and in accordance with the current market.

Your Realtor has their finger on the pulse, dynamics and developments within the market. They know what properties are in demand, new developments in the pipeline and can advice you on what strategy to be used in achieving your objective.

How many homes should I see before taking the final decision?
If you are a first time buyer in the market you may want first hand to see what is the different quality and features of the offered options in the market to establish an understanding of value.

Typically a first time buyer according to strata will view four to eight homes before committing to the right property, however large percent of buyers are after 3 viewings ready to present their offer. Key is you are communicating with your selected realtor and the right shortlist is agreed from the beginning.

Can more than 1 person own a property?
Yes you can purchase as joint buyers and co-own the property very common between family members.

Do you sell international properties?
We are specialist in the local market with a growing international presence.

What type of property do you offer for sale

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