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One Percent Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies specialized in providing real estate services to companies, developers and individuals in the region. Known for our quality and exceptional expertise, we are associated with some of the largest real estate institutions in Qatar. At One Percent Real Estate, we focus on providing premium services in sales, leasing, property management, and mortgage advice, a complete one-stop solution in a nutshell. We aspire to develop a reliable relationship with our customers in honor of our ideals that include honesty and openness. Our team is One Percent Real Estate Brokers' greatest asset, we have a professional and enthusiastic team with a group of real estate industry experience in Qatar, each person gives the organization several years of relevant practical experience. We have an innate love for our local environment, close ties to our region and intimate knowledge of our business as an independently owned organization. The nature of our service and the level of care we provide to our clients set us apart, we are committed to smart and cost-effective advertising tailored for you. Our findings speak for themselves and the amount of duplicate business and referral we win is a true testament to the loyalty we pass on to our clients.

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