Women are stronger with or without men?

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Attention is always directed to a woman, her beauty, her manners, her manners, her calculus, her lineage, her knowledge, her clothes, her appearance, her face, her laughter, her voice, and her upbringing. As if one of the postulates of life is that the woman is a mirror through which the man looks at his life, and even that he sees life as incomplete without it, and in light of this orientation to the woman, how does the woman see herself? How does she view herself? Studies have proven that a man thinks of a woman three times more than a woman thinks of a man, and today, with the development of modern life and the status, freedom and education it gave to women, and with the spread of social media, has the woman’s view of herself changed her position in life? Because of her beauty, where beauty alone is not enough, and knowledge alone is not enough. Do you think that all this has placed a burden on the shoulders of women? And today she is required to have many advantages in order to keep pace with the requirements of modern life such as taking care of beauty and scientific and social presence, and today is there still a place for women Ordinaryness is the daughter of the house, or has the culture of the age imposed on women to be more diverse and rich? But isn’t the woman in the beginning and the end the woman, that beautiful, calm, patient, meek creature, or as it is called the gentle sex, who tends to passion more and she is always looking for the shadow of a man who can complement With him her life and be a family, children and a warm home.


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