Wisdom is the lost property of the believer, and if he finds it, he is more deserving of it

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Today there is a lot of talk about the East and the West, especially about the dependence of the East and its fascination with Western civilization and the contradiction in dealing with it. We accept its achievement and reject the reason behind this achievement. Today we are in a state of confusion. Sometimes we raise the slogan of progress, and once we raise the slogan of returning to the origins, and we are scattered between that And that, and it is no secret to anyone that the West and its civilization have preceded us by thousands of miles, and catching up with it in the foreseeable future has become difficult or almost impossible. We import almost everything from them, and hardly a day passes without the West announcing the invention of something new, without announcing a new book. , until today we are more convinced of the superiority of the West over us, and we look at it with the view of the superior, and here what is the moderation in that? Do we give up our honorable identity extending in history, civilization and geography? Is not our identity threatened today?


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