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There is a punishment in Qatar for cutting, uprooting, or burning trees, shrubs, or weeds, as well as removing, transporting, stripping them of their leaves or bark, or injuring them, according to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

What is the repercussion of this?
According to Article 5 of Law No. 32 of 1995 on Preventing Damage to Plant Ecology and Ecosystems, the penalties for the aforementioned infractions are as follows:

Imprisonment for no more than three months and a fine of no less than QR 2,000 and no more than QR 20,000, or either of these two penalties. In the event of a recurrence, the punishment is doubled.
Confiscation of the vehicle, machinery, and equipment used in committing the offense.
The individual convicted of the crime must also pay the necessary compensation for the damages and losses caused by the crime.

How do I request tree trimming with MME?

Did you know that citizens, residents, government, and semi-government entities can request tree cutting, pruning, and trimming services from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MMEServices )'s Affairs Department? This service is provided by MME's Public Cleanness Department. The processes for requesting tree pruning with MME are outlined below.

What are the online guidelines?

1) Click on the online form:  and fill out all of the needed fields.

2) Enter the requester's information (example: your name, mobile number, QID number, etc).

3)The next step is to enter the information for "My Address."  Then, select "Start Workflow."

4) What are the costs associated with this service? This service is free of charge.

5) What are some more things to keep in mind?

According to Hukoomi, the house should be located within the jurisdiction of the responsible municipality.

* Following the submission of the request, an SMS will be sent to the applicant to confirm receipt.
* They will then be prompted to schedule an appointment for MME to perform the service.
* This service is also available through the Oun mobile app (Google Play or App Store) or by calling the Call Center at 184. This service takes 5-8 days to complete.


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