Science and faith confrontation or integration?

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It is the modern man with all its contradictions, religious sentiment or rationality, heart or mind, will and faith, certainty or doubt, life or the afterlife, truth, peace or war, 'eternal love or physical love, obedience or guilt, authentic human existence or consumption, within the permanent human being of eternity, goodness and beauty or Evil are all questions and feelings that modern man lives in, sometimes he supports science and its progress and does not accept anything old, and sometimes he resorts to basic ancient principles, and rejects the era in which he lives. Is man’s journey from doubt to certainty a stage of man through his life process and that he needs all that suffering to reach To the facts and inner peace, to all those questions that today and with all this tremendous scientific development that has dazzled humanity and has become an inescapable phenomenon, and among his inescapable theories, have people become two parts: the one who embraced science and believed in it as a means of human salvation, and the section adopted faith as a belief in it It is salvation and the way to eternity, and here we ask, can we not adopt, accept and use knowledge in our lives, and faith remains in our hearts and lives, and thus we can be richer and more in harmony with our souls and our materialism.


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