What exactly does the CEO (CEO) do?

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In a study conducted by (Harvard Business Review) on 27 CEOs, 25 men and 2 women, the study showed that the CEO is serving

9.7 hours of work per day, equivalent to 48.5 hours per week
4 working hours on weekends
2.4 working hours on holidays
This is equivalent to a total of approximately 62.5 working hours per week

What does a CEO do during that period?

75% of the time is booked in advance and 25% without prior scheduling and spends:

25% with employees and business relationships
25% in managing and reviewing matters related to the work itself
16% on the company's policies and culture
21% of the company's strategy
3% on self-development
4% on acquisitions (new markets or small companies)
4% on operating plans
1% only on crisis management
According to the study, 61% of the communication is carried out by the executive director face to face, 24% electronically, and 15% by phone or message.

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