The difference between a camera and a mirror ??

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Did you know that the camera has a narrow focal length in image processing, so it is very natural for your face to look ugly and ugly when you take a picture of yourself? Scientifically, your real face that others see is your face in the mirror directly and not as you see it and not as you see on the phone

Therefore, it is sometimes deceived first. The human brain usually maintains a permanent mirror image of the face because of its accustomed to constantly seeing the face inverted in the mirror, so it is known that the mirror reflects the real image in general in a vertical reflection (the right becomes to the left, the left becomes in the Yemen) and since The human face, by its nature, is completely asymmetric between the left and right sides of the “Asymmetry Face”. The features change according to the reflection, and therefore the brain when it sees the face inverted as it is when taking a picture, it does not accept the image because it is not used to it.
The image is not vertically inverted and gives a shape that deceives the brain, although in reality it is the closest to the truth in theory. The best solution is to use a good camera, because the quality of the phone will sometimes help a picture soon, perhaps to reality or good. Choosing the right light when photographing is one of the main elements. Which controls the beauty of the image, the faces of the majority of people are not identical between the two halves, so you must discover your most beautiful angle and make sure to show that half when taking pictures.
Do not focus your eyesight under the camera or directly in the lens, but it is always better to see a point above the camera by about three centimeters. This will make the pupil appear in the center of the eye and thus your look will look attractive. Use some of the processing filters in the snap.

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