How does Google make money ????????

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Google (since 2015) became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. through internal restructuring.

As for incomes, about 95% of Google's income in the middle of the last decade was coming through Google ads (search + video + other advertising sites). As for the end of the decade, the numbers changed dramatically, as the percentage of advertising revenues out of total revenues decreased to around 83%.

The rest of Alphabet's income sources are distributed among the rest of the software products that Google sells as solutions for companies (such as cloud services / Google Cloud - email and G Suite services - payment services - YouTube subscriptions and others). This is in addition to some hardware products that Google sells, such as Google Pixel mobile, Chromebook and others.

This is in addition to the profits of other projects (other than Google) that fall under the umbrella of Alphabet.

Google Cloud is one of the most important sources of profit not related to advertising profits, as it contributes about 5% of Google's profits.

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