People with special needs encouragement or compassion?

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Nothing is more difficult for parents, when they are waiting for a happy event for their son to come, then people with special needs come, and as soon as they see this destined condition, the parents lose the sense of security and fears abound. What did we do to have our son come with something? The feeling of guilt begins in the parents, and day after day the parents begin to regain their balance and wipe their tears and start thinking about getting out with the least losses, and that even if he has special needs, he is our son in the end and we will not give in to pain, and the relationship with the child in need begins to develop, because he, like other children, needs to feel safe And love and belonging to the family, and that it is acceptable and optimism comes here that we take care of our child who has a special case that he can learn in the future and become an engineer or a doctor, and with the parents’ acceptance of this unusual circumstance, they begin to go out among the people, deal with the doctor and follow up on the child’s condition, where what can be saved can be saved Here, it is advised not to over-indulge the child because of his condition, and on the other hand, it is not permissible to be cruel to him with the reckoning that it is possible to receive some ridicule from some people. Countries are measured by the extent to which they care for this category of people and the extent to which they are supported. Everyone is exposed to this special case. Let us be strong, understanding and looking with mercy on this special case. e.


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