FOOD: Complete guide to Qatari's gastronomy

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The local gastronomy of Sampling Qatar provides a wonderful overview of the flavors and dishes of the region. Traditional Qatari cuisine shows the country's cultural variety with several Indian, Iranian and North African-style meals, while also adopting national delicacies from all across the Gulf.

Dates, popularly known as the ‘fruits of paradise', are an essential part of Qatari cuisine. Date palms are scattered all over the Middle East, and dates are very popular. The sweet, flaky khudri dates are the most popular in Qatar, whereas sufri dates are soft and chewy with therapeutic characteristics. Try dates wrapped in chocolate, date syrup, date candy, or even date slush! These local delicacy have their own shops.

Balaleet is a popular breakfast and dessert alternative. This classic dish is served with an omelette and sweetened with sugar, cardamom, rose water, and saffron. In many Arabian countries, it is eaten as the first meal of the day.

Qahwa is available in most cafés, coffee shops, and motels. Qahwa is usually poured into a little cup called a finjaan from a traditional coffee pot called a dallah. Pour only one-quarter of the coffee into the cup, as it is the local custom — it is considered an insult to fill the cup to the brim.

Camel meat is a popular element in Qatari cuisine and is available in many restaurants and hotels. It is commonly served as a steak in a stew or a rice dish like machboos.

Camel milk (including camel milk ice cream) is commonly available in various Arabian nations. If you have a chance, try the ice cream. It's thick and sweet.


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