CONSTRUCTION: The Famous Doha Tower

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Doha Tower stands out in the cityscape. The waterfront location is perfect, near ministries and government offices, as well as the upcoming Al Bidda metro station. In terms of floor-to-window area and distances between offices and elevators, the circular tower was chosen. The building's core has also been moved off-center to provide for more flexible office space.

The tower has offices, a café with spectacular views, and a penthouse with a private home. Topping the tower is a full-span dome with spire and a stainless steel screen.

An Islamic “mashrabiya,” or artistic screen used for shade or room separating, inspired the cladding technique. The scheme used a single geometric pattern at various sizes and densities along the façade. The overlays were applied at 25% opacity on the north elevation, 40% on the south, and 60% on the east and west. From afar, the screen seems consistent, but closer inspection reveals the layers and scaling of the displays, giving the building various textures.

The curtain wall system is accessible for maintenance via pathways in the hollow between the two levels. Behind the glass curtain wall are user-operable solar blinds. The total façade system reduces cooling demands by 20%. A customizable lighting system accentuates the sensitive screen at night.

A large private house is located within the tower's dome, 182 meters above earth. The luxurious apartment has its own own door, elevator, and access to the adjacent restaurant below. The stunning impact of the dome structure and screen combining produces a really unique venue. The residence has a sauna, pool, and other facilities. The home is unlike any other, offering 360-degree views of the city.

The design team drew on prior work to complete the building. The tower's façade screen connects it directly to the local culture and practice while adapting to the environment. The design respects the owner's demands while providing a flexible, efficient, and fascinating workplace. Finally, the building's textured façade and integrated architectural lighting make it a hallmark of the Doha skyline both day and night.


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