CONSTRUCTION: The Aspire Tower

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The Aspire Tower was designed to host the Asian Games Symbolic Flame. The design depicts a hand holding the torch above the tower. On top of the tower is a five-star hotel, a sports museum, a health club with a cantilevered pool, and an observation deck.

A concrete core is encased in a steel mesh. This structure supports the torch's cone and lattice shell. The core supports the floor clusters that cantilever 11.3 meters (37 feet) from the core. The major support beams stretch radially from the core to the structure's steel columns.

A swimming pool 80 meters above ground, cantilevered from the core, spans 12 meters (39 feet) from the façade. The pool is 4 meters (13 feet) deep and has an elliptical shape. The truss is straight from the core to the column positions, then elliptical, like the pool. The truss connects to the core and is supported by two columns that support the levels below on vertical trusses.

The façade is made of energy-efficient glass that helps maintain a pleasant temperature in the desert.


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