Lexus RC 350 2015 for sale , Qatar

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23,341 USD

Sedan 2015 66,000 km For Sale
66,000 km
Used For Sale

The design of the Lexus car logo dates back to the last century, And it reflects a continuous pursuit of perfection without tirelessness, and the story of Lexus is one of the most wonderful stories, its axis is a race against time, from a secret meeting in 1983 transformed into an integrated readiness to enter the strongest battles and the toughest competition, to enter the car race Lexus is one of the arms of the luxury car industry of the Japanese company Tpyota ,The origin of its name dates back to the early years of its construction project, when Toyota (the parent company) gathered its experts to suggest a name that fits into a luxurious and luxurious car and is a name on My name, so they suggested a list of 219 names, and in the end they chose the name "Alex," which is the name of the heroine of the dramatic series "D Internity," "It was a popular TV show in the 1980s in America," and then the name changed to "Lexus," which combines "elegance" and "luxury," and actually targets elegant people and those
looking for luxury, as some have argued that the name is the initials of the phrase "luxury exports to the United States.

Lexus RC 350 2015 - Factory Paint (no accidents) - Full Option - Factory car no modifications - Fully serviced (brakes, oil, ac tires, battery).

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